A Southern Girl’s View with Sandy Adams

Retired Lockheed Martin Test Director Valerie McNeil

April 20, 2019

In today's episode, Sandy talks with Valerie McNeil, a former Lockheed Martin Test Director based at Johnson Space Center in Houston. Valerie grew up in the small impoverished Floridian town of Casselberry, outside of Orlando, moved with her family to a Houston suburb at the age of 16, then went on to have a career in a field that she never, ever dreamed of. Valerie’s story is one of unimaginable experiences and a few humorous NASA stories but it is also an awe-inspiring picture of a wife, and mom of 2 boys by night and a valued asset to the space industry during the day. Her career path was not what most would have ever expected or guessed, but it is one of taking chances and simply saying “why not?!” She was a woman in a man’s world, but that never ever stopped her from pushing herself to do more, be more and along the way being an incredible role model to her 2 boys. Please consider leaving me a review on Itunes, also your favorite part of the podcast and a little love for Valerie - direct to Itunes


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